Recently, I came across a peculiar term in psychology called synaesthesia. Mostly it is defined as a neurological or psychological phenomenon whereby a particular sensory stimuls triggers a second kind of sensation. Interesting? The fact that such an idea could be named didn’t just blow my mind but also got me curious.

Reading along, there wss an undefined thought (a claim still under study) in synaesthesia that whenever you eat something, (and you liked it), the taste lingers in your head. And it might stay there for as long as you’ll cherish the thought of eating that food/thing again. Such that in future instances, the smell of such foods brings about the particular flavours in your head.  

Isn’t this how we remember how certain fruits tasted better when we were young? Or when you see soap, nails or steel, would feel their tastes in your mouth? Perhaps also, by extension, could it also explain why when you saw commercial ads you’d get a craving for the displayed items? For example when you’d a spot a ad on fries you spontaneously start feeling hungry.

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One day you’ll tell

About everything you could ever want to tale
Of a lost past; days that never went so well
About dreary paths that made me so pale
Of the vast travels, leave nothing out I beg
About the faces: places and facets of the trail
We’ve journeyed near and far; ever on tread.

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Now That Am Here

There is a pot by the alter

That they began to mould ;

They finished the base

But the neck remains undone

For they ran out of mud.

Prof. Miriam Khamadi Were

I have a lot of things that need to be done, within a very short time. This is the present state of affairs in the farm. Everywhere I look there lies a beckoning task. Sometimes am alluded to wonder why they all just seem to be sitting, waiting for me to set eyes upon their need. For hence I begin to think about how I will have them done. There is a fence to be mended, chickens to be fed. The little chicks need vaccine, and the eggs have to be checked not to go bad. Also, if I can remember, needed to cut nappier for the cows. Overwhelming is a suitable word. And so am overwhelmed by the amount of work over here. Yet here I am arranging my contact list in alphabetical order.

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Never Alone!

See, people would find you dressed up, and chilled and think everything is alright, and you have it all figured out. But putting on a gun face takes practice. I know of people who were tangled up in so many issues yet they managed to carry out their lives like nothing is ever the matter. I would say to them, having known you makes me see my problems as nothing. There’s this particular friend who would say, “Learn to carry your own weight, Biko. To dance and run with it whenever you have to.”

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