What else to do?

Now is before not yet gone

kuoobiediaries’ six words

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Alive, again

My body shudders as the gentle breeze wafts past my face. Like every other day my soul grows weary, I’ve come here to sit by the bridge to reflect. The algaes, soft and moist, are still calming to touch. Afar off I spot a fisher’s boat, gliding with the wind and I can’t help marvel at her invisible majesty. Leaning against the rails, chin resting on my arms, I let my legs wander into the coolness below. The waters lapse at my feet cleansing off the burdens that I bore. Burdens that sometimes make the great bones of my life feel so heavy, dragging me about yet what I would want is to soar with the eagles. But Alas! now I awaken the youth in me, alive to face life once again.

— Biko, January 20th 2021 (132 words).

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Prosery: Bone Weary. Linda Lee Lyberg is back with this month’s Prosery, a story of 144 words or less (not including the title), which must have a beginning and an end, and should not be poetry, including a given line in its entirety, with altered punctuation allowed. Linda chose a line from ‘Spring Azures’ from the poetry collection Wild Geese by Mary Oliver: ‘Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy’. Free image of a boy sitting on a wooden bridge beside a river from Pixabay.