Will it be TV or Books?

In six words

First off, Ben Carson’s mother had a solid truth about TV in Gifted Hands. Something she insistently drilled into the lives of her two sons. “Watching TV lets you watch others as they make money.” Hard nailed…. A childhood cliche and in adulthood this has become a nagging thought whenever I turn on the teli. And just how would you measure ‘too much?’ And what about reading others?

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six words

The music stopped with his heart

Please leave a six word story, that would somehow rhyme with mine. Or simply say hi over here.

The year the stadium went silent

2021 still haunts like power being cut, the lights going off with you on stage, performing. Before the blackout, everything was vibed. The crowd was swaying, whooping, jubilating, dancing. Now, only muffled voices; a sad realization that no one barely sung along. It was just you and the amplifier. You struggle to accept this fact. Perhaps they hadn’t enjoyed the show enough.

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April Fooled

My thoughts on the new month. From places left forgotten as extinct… Simply out to help us reflect.

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