Waking the Dead

Wake up from your grave and see for
Yourself my darling.
News has it that the other three
women are coming.


Daudi my husband,

Is it true that when you died –

you left five pregnant women behind? 

Please wake up from your grave

and see for yourself….

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…and maybe you expected too much boy. But for Broken Dreams, the cure is dream again and again. – Kenyanito Wendo, Letters Unsent.

Oh boy! look what you’ve done to yourself. Perished dreams on your heart’s shelves; Parents’ expectations and society’s interference are the reasons for your dream’s disappearance. I know, a lot did they annoy but why did you let them snatch your joy?! Continue reading “OH BOY!”

Absolutely Nothing

“You can never know how empty you are until your brain and heart are rendered barren.” – Kenyanito Wendo, Letters Unsent.

I once wanted to write a poem of ‘love and hate

Because they were my thoughts

And that was what it was about

My heart formed the words,

So clear true and concise:

But when I put it to thought

My brain shied out of pity. Continue reading “Absolutely Nothing”

A herdsboy’s life

He diligently labors, hourly chores to meet. Whether soaked in the rain or drenched in mud, the herdsboy works hard to bring his master’s milk on the table. But I know he knows that he has a greater reward.

4 o’clock,

He droops along, boots wading

in the downpours’ pools,

slides, falls, but rises again;

Hourly chores to meet. Continue reading “A herdsboy’s life”

here, not there

she whispered for a space – here, and not there. He felt lucky to have chosen this bench instead of the other one.

here, not there - where she whispered for a space
she’d sat next to him – here, not there, kuoobiediaries

She saw him, 

just fast enough before his darting eyes;

came sprawling over her whole body, top-down.

At that first glance,

he thought he was lucky, Continue reading “here, not there”