Maan! 🤣

I manage to cook sometimes. Though you may not find it easy to eat my food (whatever I cook), especially if you happen to watch their preparation. Because I jumble up recipes. But mine is a better trial. Moreso since Budalangi, Chaos in the Kitchen shade light on the fact that I love to eat nice food. 🤗 Before, even man must’ve had a very lousy diet without the help of fire. Just saying. Has someone got a different vote?

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He sat there. Listening. Thinking.

The crowd swayed with the speaker’s words. They nodded, some clapped and a few attempted overly jubilated exaltations. While some alike him, just sat — self-absorbed — uninvolved or slept. What was with these matatu sermons?

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Ennui: Of Fantasies and Fallacies

Guitar Strings, kuoobiediaries

You want to wonder why you got here. you want to toy around around with the fact that you wanted this life. You claim it came to you because of where you had been and whom you were with. Continue reading “Ennui: Of Fantasies and Fallacies”

Baby Sitting!

baby sit

My uncle had twins last December and they are turning a year now. And he says those kids didn’t cry hell in his ears. Never. That they allowed him to sleep soundly.  Part of me is happy for him. But why didn’t they cry as much? Is it even normal? Maybe am being cynical since I’ve known babies to cry a lot my entire life. And it’s difficult to believe that some actually don’t.

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