Jiko burnt a rhyme

Now, the sign of a jiko in front of a stall is a sure bet on my next kinda meal. Githeri, maharagwe, mandondo, mbaazi name it. I was attached to this creation long ago before it hit the streets. As I’ll narrate to you.

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The Mango Tree – written for earth day

He who plants a tree plants a hope.

Lucy Larcom
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10K words

Feels like a mouthful, right? How long would you take to speak this much? When you’re a radio presenter it won’t even last a week, I guess. The air-hostess/telemarketer would probably pass this in a day. What of the teachers? An hour? But for a slow writer like me it took a stretch of 100 posts. Writing the ‘bother’ prompt got me reflective on the amount of work put in here. Am so grateful for the 13 prompts and 404 thoughts fellow readers/writers have put in. Writing feels enjoyable when you have an active audience!

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Now That Am Here

There is a pot by the alter

That they began to mould ;

They finished the base

But the neck remains undone

For they ran out of mud.

Prof. Miriam Khamadi Were

I have a lot of things that need to be done, within a very short time. This is the present state of affairs in the farm. Everywhere I look there lies a beckoning task. Sometimes am alluded to wonder why they all just seem to be sitting, waiting for me to set eyes upon their need. For hence I begin to think about how I will have them done. There is a fence to be mended, chickens to be fed. The little chicks need vaccine, and the eggs have to be checked not to go bad. Also, if I can remember, needed to cut nappier for the cows. Overwhelming is a suitable word. And so am overwhelmed by the amount of work over here. Yet here I am arranging my contact list in alphabetical order.

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