Cowife – in response to Well, it’s up to you

First of all, I don’t envy you as much
As to wish I’d resemble your youth;
The sun-flower seed doesn’t grow into a baobab tree.
The rantings about your skin and nails

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Hey, you!
Who is looking away right now,
Yes, you!
C’mon, don’t you see am talking to you?
Stop with that thing,
put it down, and sit still

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Do not write a poem after this Oj’bi

Do not write a poem after this Oj’bi, I beg,
Oj’bi I beg, do not write a poem after this;
These words I say are only for your ears to sip.
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Waking the Dead

Daudi my husband,
Is it true that when you died –
you left five pregnant women behind?
Please wake up from your grave
and see for yourself….
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Break her legs…

Jairo, son of Oloo
A woman is not a harp that you play for other men to dance
Or a dead snake that you scare children with
As you head to the anthill
The sun illuminates her endowments for the world to see
In the broad daylight as she bends to fetch the low-level waters of River Nyando

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Oh boy! look what you’ve done to yourself. Perished dreams on your heart’s shelves; Parents’ expectations and society’s interference are the reasons for your dream’s disappearance. I know, a lot did they annoy but why did you let them snatch your joy?! Continue reading “OH BOY!”

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