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My name is Biko Kenyanito, am a creative writer.

The moniker kuoobie (sounds right when you read it slow), is an extended palindrome of my birth name. My friends call me kobi so I worked around it and came up with that.

Mostly, I like writing about the interesting things that I see, feel and hear, and sometimes think… the list shouldn’t be long. Thus I spend a lot of time observing how people get along with their daily lives; and how the dramas engulf me. Writing out stories as if they were just spoken really fascinates me and it is the reason I labor to write about my experiences in so much detail. (Hope not to be a bore) I also love roller skating and it makes my Sunday afternoons feel so great. I look forward to sharing about some of my adventures with you.

Psst! I really enjoy sarcasm; can’t seem to get enough there is to be offered in this life. Hope you’ll enjoy the little bits of them that crawl into my writings.

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