You really got hit today!
And you took it all like a man.
Just don’t let the crown fall.
Do not take it down, nor clothe it off.
Wear it, as high as you did before.
Now it’s your emblem of times,
Numbered to the much you’ve tried.

Look, you lived a today!

Tomorrow the sun will rise again.
But tonight, just let the stars shine a faded plume
For grass will grow, and flowers will bloom.
Perhaps then our thoughts would have rested
And our torn-a-million shredded-hearts mended.
Then we shall rise to live again.

And arise, we shall.
And evolve if we must.
This state still has pending affairs;
To align, stir, and prune
Lest we, plunge into bliss;
Paddled with obdurate callous heads swerve!
Yet only the soberly-willed minds can rightly serve.

Rest, oh my soul,
Wait for daybreak;
Then we shall set out, rekindled.
For I can’t wait to breathe!


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