Hello Kuoobie’s! We made a guest post! At a one super fantastic blog.

Drum rolls please…

We made it at Agitah’s!

Yes that fancy blog. 👌 The stories there will get you hooked. Just go check her out. Am I lying? Absolutely not. Am I being carried away? Definitely. Am excited!

Now let me get a hold of things. Let me hold myself.

Namaste Agnes.

You are a dear friend, and such good writer. I admire your work, and love a lot about you. I’d admit a little more than envy resides there too.

Those oval eyes have a fascinating charm about them. Let no one tell you otherwise. Whoever will want to pronounce that they are big, better accompany it with beautiful. Dear Agnes, how you have such big beautiful captivating eyes. Like so. If not, they should cease talking about them. Or thinking about them. Haha.

Sometimes, I thought your eyes could cut through my soul. If they did: really pierce past the flesh and bones. Oh my. Then I hope you saw, all the love and care that was within. I’d rest easy if it were so. Always keep them eyes up. Everything else is perfect. Made in harmony of you, for you.

Even the vocals. You can sing. You’ll deny it again. But I believe you can.

Yes, she has an easy flow with words. Another strong reason why I’d vouch for her ability to write you a goood copy and testimonials in her blog. Corporate Events, Showbizz, Chamaa Milestones, Outreach Campaigns. Holla up. She’s ready. Her email, agnesopondo@gmail.com is ever open for enquiries.

But I know her more than that. Agnes is a sweet soul with such a big heart. Also straightforward and lives by her word. She is the kind of person when you got attached to, you wouldn’t want to loose. Then nature proved us right because our paths kept crisscrossing. Henceforth, every passing day, life unravelled just how much we were entangled. And left us to decide what to do about it.

We chose to remain as close as we could even after college. So when she inquired if I could write for her blog, I said Yes. In fact I was honored. This is something I’ve been looking forward to. The timing was right. So wrote her a story about my adventures in Kakuma, then she wrapped it up so fine.

Thank you Agnes. Your sentiments rest warmly, deep in my heart. This post would also not have come out as splendid without your insights. 

I will a just hint at the story over here. Then we will find the rest of it at agitah’s blog.

Hot and dry.

Given a chance, I would have easily used the two words to describe this place. Nevertheless, now that I am here, I realize how lame that would be. In fact, those words don’t come close to quantifying the high temperatures here. Back home, Nyakach was hot and dry, and it rained every once in a while. You could find patches of green grass here and there – sometimes dry, but still grass. Yet Turkana is a no-grass-anywhere dry. It seldom rains! All you see are thorny acacias with sand and rocks around them. This place is arid; you can argue semi. I don’t care. Why am I using so many words to emphasize on how hot a place is? Maybe, because I am pissed at myself for having underrated Kakuma in the first place.

Biko Kenyanito on Kakuma at Agitah’s blog

There you go. Have yourself a fantastic week.


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