Welcome February

Here we are again. Here down that rosy road that made us go silly every time over everything and nothing in particular.

Is this not the month that your partner would seem let you say anything and everything? Nothing was foolish. Even how you nodded your head would be seen as lovely and romantic. Yet for some unknown reason, you will still be holding back, afraid to say every thing? Because if you thought real hard, real real hard like someone who had been here before. Like that someone desperate to clear off any bad rendavus. You may come to remember this as the same period where arguments started over petty nonsensicals. She could wake up one time and say you did not smell nice any more. Or he wanted a better curve of you. Or that the shape of your forehead was a put off. Nawa oh!

Tell me about love.

But welcome February. January messed us up, we are here to lick our wounds – to heal and feel loved again. To this is I know you would not mind. We love you because you got a crazy way of reminding us of what really mattered. Over here we did nice things to the ones we cared about for no apparent reason at all. Just because they deserved it. And sometimes even went to dates we would forget to redo in the coming months. We bought flowers we were not ready to keep. Sometimes called our exes to get to know how they were. You made us dress up and match clothes even though somewhere we had sworn not to. You make us feel stupid and loved. You make the whole world a cheesy place to be.

Hera ni to donge sandowaga?

5 2’s are following each other today in the calendar. They can also be 4 2’s. Depends on how you look it. The chakras are either in perfect tune or badly aligned. Anyway, for the rest of us who do not give A F on the stars, it is just another day in February. May this month open up in abundance of joy, and love. Sincerely.

Get on now, love, be loved and feel loved. Happy New month!


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