33 Unwritten Laws You Should Know and Follow In Life

Came across these Laws over at UpSkillYourLife and so thought to share them with you. You’ll find that they are more of courteous guidelines based on general common sense.

  1. When using public transportation, allow people to get off before you get in.
  2. Never try your friend’s partner.
  3. Avoid cancelling plans at the last minute. If you can’t mange, say no or I am not sure, at the beginning itself.
  4. Make a way for ambulance.
  5. If you ask your friends for some house work, feed them as payment.
  6. Avoid asking someone how much they earn.
  7. If someone is typing a password, just look away, turn the other side.
  8. If you borrow a car/bike, fill up the tank before you return it.
  9. Avoid using mobile phone, when you are in conversation with someone.
  10. Do not swipe right or left when someone shows you a photo on their phone.
  11. Offer to carry luggage for the elderly.
  12. While ating on the dining table, avoid keeping your left hand on the table. It is didturbing to the person on the left.
  13. If you stay the night at someone’s house, make the bed efore you leave.
  14. If you borrow money from a friend, pay them back as soon as possible. Never make them ask you for it.
  15. Don’t be rude to telemarketing excecutives. They are just doing their job.
  16. Never order the expensive dish on the menu whe someone is treating you for lunch/dinner.
  17. Never give advice until you are sked.
  18. Avoid making surprise visits.
  19. Apologise when you are wrong.
  20. If someone pays your bills, it is your turn to pay them the next time.
  21. Stand up and fight for a helples person
  22. Avoid speaking louder or watvh TV when someone is sleeping.
  23. Say thank you or at least smile when someone holds a door open for you.
  24. Never block the path in shopping/grocery store.
  25. Don’t mess up an apology with an excuse.
  26. Don’t make plans in front of people you are not inviting
  27. Show the same respect to everyone.
  28. If you are borrowing something frequently, it is the time for you to buy your own,
  29. When in public, use headphones to listen to music.
  30. In case you miss a call, drop a message as soon as possible if you’re unable to call them.
  31. If you see an open tap, go ahead and close it.
  32. Never invade someon’es personal life.
  33. In public transport, plese give your seat if you feel the other person deserves it more.

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