Being Human

In the elderly, two sets of values operate simultaneously: the desire to stay active and to maintain a sense of self-worth in the eyes of others, and the desire to withdraw from social commitments to a more leisurely, contemplative life.

Ram Dass, The Life Within

This being human is lights on
ever not wanting to dim
for the ways are dark
The winding paths are steep;
potholed, crumbled and rugged.
You’d better be on you wake
Listening, smiling gently,
judging wisely, vehemently
Watching, waiting for the sly foxes
Dripping with sweetened tongues
Masquerading allys yet vengeful foes.

This being human is lights on
Never missing in action
Juggling many attentions:
with you-mixed-in all wrong;
Leashed the baby, fed the puppy,
Binned the nappies, take a selfie,
Make a dash, eat on rush,
Catch the bus, miss a ride.
Exertions beckoning every time
Finish this, start on that,
and work on those,
Talk, walk and work!
Round the clock:
Your aim to beat the tick
The sloths grow weary…
This being human feels tiresome

Men who use their hands…. desired trait.

33 thoughts on “Being Human

  1. An excellent take on the prompt! So many people keep their lights on these days, physically or mentally, always aware of pitfalls and dangers, especially those ‘sly foxes / Dripping with sweetened tongues’. I like the juxtaposition of possibilities in:
    ‘Make a dash, eat on rush,
    Catch the bus, miss a ride’
    and the pressure of time in:
    ‘Round the clock:
    Your aim to beat the tick.
    Yes, being human often feels tiresome.

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    1. Perfect.

      Shouldn’t have life been spelled treadmill?

      This question been playing on mind and I’ve wanted a perfect time to spew it out. Thank you!

      And oh yeah. We mostly need breaks more than we give ourselves.


  2. I absolutely love, love, love this! Yes, being human is “lights on ever not wanting to dim.” We are forever threatened by the existence of darkness. 💝💝

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  3. Biko, I like your opening quote. I also like how you use lights on here as a metaphor being human. Our bodies are like powerhouses generating electricity. Being busy keeps the battery charged, like an alternator charges a car battery when you run it.

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  4. Our humaness is certainly a circle game, one that begins each day, and the larger circle of our life — and it certainly is wearing on the soul, as well as the body. But as you know Kenyanito Biko — it’s all we got, so we slog on.

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