I know of someone so strong!

Daughters, sisters, ladies, wives, mothers, women.

Cheers to women of the world.
This is an appreciation to the great work you put in into the lives of your families, children, and generations. 
Truth be told, you play a big role. And play it well.
Thank you.

Wrote this minding a list of women am grateful to have met in this life. What about you? Got anyone in mind? Remember to leave a good word for the fine women in your life.

10 thoughts on “I know of someone so strong!

      1. I think I’m working too hard on my blog, haha! It’s tempting to write for the prompts–but then you need to read everyone else 🙂 And you–what have you got going in your life? 🙂

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      2. I can see the work you’re putting in over there.
        Prompts are very tempting and nvolving at the same time. Keep on just needs sort of a balance.

        Myself got a lot just as much… prompts, and am also trying to write with the world celebrations in mind. Hectic I say.


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