Pregnant clouds birthed torrents in thunder

Clasped, soaked in love, they danced. . .

I just miss the outside rains.
Do you?

The ground cracked under clear skys. It’s been long since it rained. Yeah, the whole of February actually. Thought March would bring in showers; the weatherman been saying we wait. But the yearnings for a moment in the rain is killing me!

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15 thoughts on “Pregnant clouds birthed torrents in thunder

      1. Concerning? Yes. Most regions in E.A plant between January and March, and weed in April. But as it goes that might slightly change. We pray for as slightly as we can manage. Thank you for the thought to pray. πŸ™

        Thank you for the prayers.


      2. OH WOW–our prayers were answered!!! Isn’t God super-good!!!!!! I love the passages in the Old Testament which talk about God sending rain–the “first rain” and the “latter rain”. I pray now that He fulfills your hope for sowing–and blesses your crops with such bounty that everyone who hasn’t believed in Him before, gratefully receives His Salvation personally. This is the best news I’ve had today–thank you So Much for sharing with me–you’ve encouraged my faith to believe for “much more”!! ❀

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      3. Yeah.. . He is good. And this was an encouragement as well. Paul said to the Philippians (4.6) ‘… do not be anxious for anything but with prayer and supplication, with Thanksgiving let your requests be known to God.’ Amen.


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