“I am thy fool in the morning, Thou art my slave in the night.”

Paul Dunbar, ~ The Paradox  

Trapped in vast cosmotic realms,
Lost in witty senseless,
Here again, we go over and about:
Building paper castles, feeding crows,
And rowing ships still ashore.
When will you let me rest
At peace without a break?
Is it too much for tired lids to ask?
Fabled in fantasy, spelled with miraging visions,
Strained beyond blue horizons past my shadows:
Desperate to see tomorrow coming.
But who cares? This life’s flower withers.
Why busy with these empty ponderings;
All beyond endless wonder.
How you lure me to slip into your cozy lies;
Tangled, twisted, outside time:
Every passing awakening smarks my face.
Can’t your balloon now just set sail
So that we fly knaught, to not so deluded heights?

Why keep me day dreaming!

–Biko, 2021.

In response to Poets Pub Poetics: Beyond Meaning or The Resolution of Opposites.

For this prompt, Laura gave us choices. I have chosen lines from Paul Dunbar; tried to follow his thoughts and wrote a poem therein.

25 thoughts on “Twisted

  1. your poem is full of the most interesting questions and analogies -“Building paper castles, feeding crows” and your final couplet is remarkable and topped off with that final surprise of a question
    “Can’t your balloon now just set sail
    So that we fly naught, to not so deluded heights?”
    Why keep me day dreaming!”
    p.s. one thing though – the Dunbar lines should not be part of your poem as they belong to him
    “Yet, I am thy fool in the morning,
    Thou art my slave in the night;”
    they can be placed separately at the start as a epigraph – see HERE or referenced at the end where you describe the prompt.
    thank you for joining in with this poem

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Laura. Am so pleased you stopped by.

      Had to painfully let Dunbar keep his words.
      And the challenge led me to a peculiar road, familiarly less taken. Thank you BIG! 🖤

      Again, your tips on epigrapgh really helped me curve this poem around. 🔥


    1. Feels better.
      Curves into my earlier feeling of being bothered with day dreaming, as she leads nowhere yet I fall into her trap everytime I want to peak into my tomorrows. But they never come as promised.


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