Kuoobie, are you mean? No.

I ain’t mean, sincerely. Then why do you write mean stuff? Mean in what way? Just that they are always tied with or rather they are full of mockery emotions. That’s just a way of writing, my style. What style? Satire. Sar-ta what? Yes, see when you write like that they say you are satirical. In writing [and speech], it is mockery [a style of using mockery] on certain behaviors or things in a humorous way in an attempt to show the bad side of it, lightly. Most times it may look like you are mean, utterly stupid or plainly mad [insane].

I was chatting with one of my biggest readers the other day and this topic came up so I thought to clear it out, broadly.
I am not mean, neither in real nor here and not where I’ll be after. I just like the sound of mockery and the feeling of using it to highlight some of the weirdest thoughts. Also, some truths may never be told in any other way apart from looking at the facts therein in some other way. Makes sense?Take Do not write a poem after this Oj’bi for example. You will agree that taking on another man’s wife is morally unacceptable, but it happens any way. But during or after the dirty encounters rarely would one would want their friends to talk about it:wether to jeer or to cheer them on. See.So I wrote the mockery the other way round, like it had already happened, with the persona desperately begging his friend Oj’bi not to mention a word of it. Yet himself he already did.Another one is Waking the Dead, which I wrote with the after demise issues in mind. A lot of crazy things happen during such moments. Let’s just take this post as an example of many.Also consider Mscheeew!, that was written after watching a young veg vendor talk rudely to an elderly customer.Not everything in that post came out of that scenario entirely. I’ll admit that watching the exchange between the vendor and her customer was the eureka moment for this post. I was sketching something crazy at that time and it gave the story a huge twist so that I curved the whole piece into a dialogue. The blog that followed was even more interesting.Well it’s upto you, a woman’s rant to the lady her husband has just brought home. In the poem you’ll find out, through her words and tone, that things are not utterly right between them.This one took longer than I thought it would. Also it made me know that searching for mean words to say can really be a hell of a task! And saying some things as someone else would is a lot more worse! I have to acknowledge that Okot P B’tek was a talented writer. This piece reminded me of his Song of Lawino.As intended, Cowife, was the lady’s response to the first wife’s initial rants, Well it’s up to you. She is not pleased at the way the other woman mocks her makeups and questions her cooking.Alike Okot, I had intended to give the two personas a voice, in a way it to make it more interesting. Ain’t a fun of arguements, this was just art. Obviously, you’d expect two women in such a heated talk to say ‘big words’ in loud measures. My apologies for the obscenities.The Footpath was one of my first satires. Currently, the only political satire I suppose. Had almost forgotten about it. Through this poem, I intended to ridicule the fallacy of goonship and sycophancy that has encroached the society of late. Well, let me not spoil the juice, get on with the read.As you can see, all these are just art. And yes I have a personal touch to them because a lot of what goes on around me influence what I write. I may not write them word for word but instead bits and bits of them make up a story, sometimes a completely different one. Anyway, that’s how often my writings come to life.Am grateful for being asked about my writings because sharing this makes me feel that the writings doesn’t go to a waste. And that someone stops to think about them, perhaps digesting them. Also, this someone else may get inspired. You never know, these things just happen.Thank you.

Psst: I hope this tries to answer, whether I am mean or not. If you’ve more questions on this or on any other thing just reach out to me.On Twitter at kuoobie, and in Tumblr as well. Or simply via the post’s Facebook Page.

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