Hey, you!
Who is looking away right now,
Yes, you!
C’mon, don’t you see am talking to you?
Stop with that thing,
put it down, and sit still

Girl is motionless but continues fiddling with her phone.

Young girl:
Alas! I say,
Aren’t your long lips just moving up and down?
What did you say?
You shout things I can’t hear.
Are you deaf!?

So you call me deaf,
Me, who have heard more
than you could ever wish to hear.
Me who heard your cries for milk,
Me who heard your cry
and knew in heart whether
it was your nappies or your tummy…
Me, now you call deaf.
Wait till I put beans in my ear
like they do for the guinea fowl;
that she doesn’t hear the cries of her own.
Then you’ll know; you ungrateful child,
what it means to have a deaf mother.


Why are are you still staring at me like that?
Do I look like any of your emancipated fathers,
Or do I resemble the ghosts of your Grandma?


Girl shifts from one leg to another.

Why can’t you sit still?
Did you hear me?

Young girl:
Even the dead heard you old woman,
Aren’t you deaf to shout
at normal ears like that?

DISCLAIMER: This post was utterly created out of inspiration, nothing herein relates to the awesome relationship I’ve had with my sweet mother and those I’ve lived to respect as mothers. I love my mama and cherish her very much. Neither was it created to mock the deaf, or the hearing impaired individuals.

In contrary, what prompted me to write this was watching a young girl act rudely towards an old lady at a vegetable stall. The lady only needed some lose change. Actually she’d already bought some tomatoes and it was lose coins she wanted as change instead of notes she’d being given. In response the young vendor girl had suckled a lot and complained of being disturbed.

I felt the girl was rude. She necessarily didn’t have to throw tantrums at a customer that way more so to an old lady. She could have at least explained herself if at all she didn’t enough coins. I’ll give her the benefit of doubt; that perhaps she was having a bad day, or that she’d been interrupted from a heartbreaking news, but a tiny bit. Because customer service and respect to women is a higher calling. That old lady could’ve been her mother!

Whenever I serve women in the shop where I work I handle them like am handling my own mothers, with care and respect. And I think this is the right way. The same goes even to men, I say.

It’s tempting to overlook the different upbringing people had with their parents (mothers and fathers) and the influence it has on their future dealings with adults. Nonetheless, we can’t overlook the emmence care parents give or want to give, and fail to. They deserve a pat on the back.

I might have opened a Pandora’s Box but I just had to share this to remind us to care for our mamas, and the ladies in our lives.

Happy mother’s month to all the mothers plus those aspiring to be.

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  1. That reflects things we see in this life. People go down to those levels of disrespecting their parents. But time does things. Wait until your turn comes as a parent. Or maybe even before, and understanding will come in. Sometimes followed by loads of regret.


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