Zing! – how you can get inspired by little happenings

via Daily Prompt: Zing!

All are random jigs in a puzzle.
They fit, in coherence unknown to the world.
Just be.
The jigs in a puzzle will fit.

∴ ∴ ∴ ∴  ∴ ∴   ∴ ∴  ∴ ∴

You are filling your jig pieces bit by bit, and soon your puzzle ’ll be done.
You won’t be in this rust ruts anymore; see the odds are against you but you’ve to challenge yourself  because you need to live your dream.
This is the vision.


WASIJE TENA – the longest battle with mosquitoes

I ALWAYS ENSURE I do not sleep with mosquitoes in my room, less in bed. But yesterday, waliniweza nami pia nikawatenda.

Ice cream for the loudest

Being so lazy and full, I had forgotten to close my window and swarms of swarms of those little creatures had made my room their hive. And I couldn’t sleep. Yet all I wanted after a hectic day was to purr and snore. For a moment it felt like my eardrums would get sore. Continue reading “WASIJE TENA – the longest battle with mosquitoes”

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