here, not there

she whispered for a space – here, and not there. He felt lucky to have chosen this bench instead of the other one.

sit, and pisten to the wind, kuoobie diaries
here, not there - where she whispered for a space
she’d sat next to him – here, not there, kuoobiediaries

She saw him, 
just fast enough before his darting eyes;
came sprawling over her whole body, top-down.
At that first glance,
he thought he was lucky,
to have chosen this pew over the other one,
for it’s here that she’d whispered for a space;
he’d moved inwards,
a start of something beautiful;
here and not there.

He was struck,
not by her sweet perfume,
not the angelic smile either,
neither was it her hair,
but it all rounded up in her charm;
cast down through those evoking eyes.
Like spelled, he’d paused,
to have a longer look,
to a word he couldn’t understand;
written in those eyes.
Deep down he thought she wasn’t clueless,
of that message he hoped,
one day she’d tell more loudly,
here and not there.

Author: biko

A story monger; keen to pick on the details as he goes about it all. He finds fun in making the written feel like it was just spoken. So to say sarcasm and reality often race in between his lines, one slightly outrunning the other - pick your take.

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