here, not there

she whispered for a space – here, and not there. He felt lucky to have chosen this bench instead of the other one.

here, not there - where she whispered for a space
she’d sat next to him – here, not there, kuoobiediaries

She saw him, 
just fast enough before his darting eyes;
came sprawling over her whole body, top-down.
At that first glance,
he thought he was lucky, Continue reading “here, not there”


Happiness is in enjoying nature. Forget about infections, sun burns, flu etc.

Go and play with water, go for a long drive with your family, friends or boyfriend or girlfriend ahem ahem…. in winters stop using heaters and it would be so beautiful when there is chill outside and you are having a cup of coffee and doing shopping or enjoying the weather. Ice cream would also work. Just joking.

Happiness is in receiving surprises. That happiness cannot be explained and measure.

Here is a cheer to the new month

the donkey shook every shovel as it landed on its back and stood on top of it till atop the well…


You can always turn up a bad situation into the best you can ever have.


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