Starry night

On this scented spot, under the moonlight; while the city sleeps, I want her to smile, and crown the twilight with chants of pleasant moans.

STARRY NIGHT by Vinvent van Gogh

The stars are here again,
The wind wafts
blowing their light trails;
smoking the galaxy golden,
Look, that one made a shot
Down the sea below.

The moon was here
Yesterday but not today
Its glow competes the sun
yet its warmth is no replica;
to the scorching of her rival
So in the gay warmth we’ll aboard,
And savor this love so tender.

I yearn to sit on the full moon
and wade my feet in the stars,
Thus I’d make a wish,
that the full moon and the stars,

for eternity appear in one glorious beauty;for lips tell secrets better       when the after hours too have a romantic touch.

Hush, it was a whisper;
We can shout it tomorrow;
When the dance is on;
Then the wind can whirl it;
the gods to make it a proclamation,
and nature will obey her mortals;
My wish to be set in grandeur.

Tomorrow she’ll also be here,
In this same spot busking in the moonlight,
This Beauty will be the present
To a love so uniquely beautiful,
To deserve a worship from nature.
I want her to smile, and crown
the twilight with chants of pleasant moans.

It’s a good time to make a wish
For the stars are already shooting,
I pray they bloom new plumes
To shoot again tomorrow,
To honor our love one more time.
It’s a wonder how such wanders,
Always come true at the right night time.

Author: biko

A story monger; keen to pick on the details as he goes about it all. He finds fun in making the written feel like it was just spoken. So to say sarcasm and reality often race in between his lines, one slightly outrunning the other - pick your take.

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