Nightmares in my wares

I dreamt of vastness, and freedom – surprisingly I found myself lost in thought.
For a moment I failed to differentiate it from a nightmare.
Then the laughter came and I wished I could be really that free.


The men in blue came
in green, red and white.
All armed, all jawed;
teeth in, and lips out.
Man that’s prank ghostly!
I love my night wares,
Dem nightmares cracked my ribs for a slumber drool.
Nyx Morpheus and Erebus sojourned,
My mind, the gods rendezvous.
Tired of this Chaos;
I need the Cosmos-
Free and vast;
So inhibited;
So being inhabited;
Damn! I’ve always been a star!

Author: biko

A story monger; keen to pick on the details as he goes about it all. He finds fun in making the written feel like it was just spoken. So to say sarcasm and reality often race in between his lines, one slightly outrunning the other - pick your take.

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