Aloha, kuoobie diaries

Hello folks just wished you’d be doing great… and am so glad you stopped by.  🙂

So today, I have the honors to invite you into the kuoobie diaries.

My bad… am late; hoping you’ll understand…

I probably should have done this before my first post, but I have to admit this diary is kinder jumbled up…

Or I’d say the earlier stories were so burning I just had to let them out so you could have a peak at what is in the rest of the pages. 🙂

Felt you smiled, does it mean we’re on the same page now? 🙂

So what are you to expect, really?

Some things will be out of ordinary, in a creative way.

*some things’, because most of the stories would be told normally.

This was what I dreamt kuoobie diaries would be to you, and it’s what I’ll be working to achieve in the entire blog.

kuoobie diaries will include stories from:

  • ·         Conversations

Simply, a glimpse at what people would normally talk about concerning their experiences, other people, birds, awkward situations, their hobbies, and everything else that will be good for you to know. I bet it’ll be just as interesting, as it seems.

  • ·         Poems

Poems help us visualize our world in different ways, often with a touch of emotions, humor, satire, exaggerations, hyperbole, and an interesting word play. These are some of the real things I find in poetry.

What amuses me the most is how these and many more complex styles all fuse together to create a real scenario (s), which we can find a way to identify with.

  • ·         Blogs

On anything interesting, and worth sharing. Some of these will be stories from my skating adventures.

  • ·         Interviews

Occasionally, you would find stories on what we got people saying about really interesting topics.  When that time comes do not wince when you realize that it was you on the interviewee chair.

Just for you to note

kuoobie diaries were better told in small caps (lower case)… this is to mean that it’s all casual and easy in here.

Do not tense up, this is one place where “untacking” is a rule. And if our jokes are funny, feel good enough to smile. But it could not lessen your aging.  No, that’s a lie.


·         ask us anything

·         comment on our stories

·         take kuoobie diaries with you anywhere whenever you need a casual read,

·         share our stories,

·         subscribe to our email list

·         follow kuoobie diaries

·         invite friends over, and

·         you can do anything that will make you happy out there… 🙂


Do anything that will not make you happy. This is your only rule to break.

That’s all folks!

Feel free to read, and share what interests you. Till another date, have a nice stay. 🙂


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