Travel Menaces

for the fans of travelling, you’ll contend that the journey can change you.


Have you ever been in a crowded place, somewhere dingy and with a lot of people? Obviously you’ll be cramped to an extent that you’d feel your stomach and intestines squeezing flat toward your backbone.

In the games same as the van
Now, if you played hide and seek and had a ‘best hide out,’ you’d understand this kind of crowding. The kind I experienced in a matatu few months ago. Continue reading “Travel Menaces”

Unlikely cries

sometimes what makes a lady cry is a wonder… is all that crying neccessary?

“Sorry, can’t say it over the phone,” her voice a mere wisp like a reed in the wind.

She was disgusted enough already. Everything was boring – and stale as she often called such moments.

She let the phone fall among the clutter on her bed, anger and bliss so evident on her face. The mixture of feelings which in the past few hours had been a recipe for hot sad tears – and long sessions of painful sobs. Continue reading “Unlikely cries”