six words

The music stopped with his heart

Please leave a six word story, that would somehow rhyme with mine. Or simply say hi over here.

The Mango Tree – written for earth day

He who plants a tree plants a hope.

Lucy Larcom
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10K words

Feels like a mouthful, right? How long would you take to speak this much? When you’re a radio presenter it won’t even last a week, I guess. The air-hostess/telemarketer would probably pass this in a day. What of the teachers? An hour? But for a slow writer like me it took a stretch of 100 posts. Writing the ‘bother’ prompt got me reflective on the amount of work put in here. Am so grateful for the 13 prompts and 404 thoughts fellow readers/writers have put in. Writing feels enjoyable when you have an active audience!

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The year the stadium went silent

2021 still haunts like power being cut, the lights going off with you on stage, performing. Before the blackout, everything was vibed. The crowd was swaying, whooping, jubilating, dancing. Now, only muffled voices; a sad realization that no one barely sung along. It was just you and the amplifier. You struggle to accept this fact. Perhaps they hadn’t enjoyed the show enough.

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