The prime foolhardy of youth is to go against the grain. The rush and the thrill! And you’ll feel it every time you come across a breakthrough story of another rebel. This would reassure your course, reinforce your belief on the goodness of your pursuit and you’ll be really rejuvenated.

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He sat there. Listening. Thinking.

The crowd swayed with the speaker’s words. They nodded, some clapped and a few attempted overly jubilated exaltations. While some alike him, just sat — self-absorbed — uninvolved or slept. What was with these matatu sermons?

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Budalangi, chaos in the kitchen

Food should be tasty. And tasty food must be delicately prepared. Hypothetically, it requires an effort to prepare a descent meal.

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Ennui: Of Fantasies and Fallacies

You want to wonder why you got here. you want to toy around around with the fact that you wanted this life. You claim it came to you because of where you had been and whom you were with. Continue reading “Ennui: Of Fantasies and Fallacies”

Thank you, dear readers

Hello there,

I want to say thank you for all the the support in the past year. And am most grateful that you were there to make sure I wrote something interesting worth your attention. Still, I hope you’ll stick around for the amazing stories 2019 will bring our way.

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The Red and Yellow Flags

He had watched people like me come and go, many times over. I could tell from the way he looked at me. At that time however I looked past his knowings, and my poor acting; I really needed a way out. It was already getting dark. I was sure to have seen them that morning. Whatever went wrong I couldn’t tell.

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Baby Sitting!

My uncle had twins last December and they are turning a year now. And he says those kids didn’t cry hell in his ears. Never. That they allowed him to sleep soundly.  Part of me is happy for him. But why didn’t they cry as much? Is it even normal? Maybe am being cynical since I’ve known babies to cry a lot my entire life. And it’s difficult to believe that some actually don’t.

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Kuoobie, are you mean? No.

I ain’t mean, sincerely. Then why do you write mean stuff? Mean in what way? Just that they are always tied with or rather they are full of mockery emotions. That’s just a way of writing, my style. What style? Satire. Sar-ta what? Yes, see when you write like that they say you are satirical. In writing [and speech], it is mockery [a style of using mockery] on certain behaviors or things in a humorous way in an attempt to show the bad side of it, lightly. Most times it may look like you are mean, utterly stupid or plainly mad [insane].

I was chatting with one of my biggest readers the other day and this topic came up so I thought to clear it out, broadly.
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Stories Untold

“With such an ass my guy, you’ve the jackpot,” roared Chonjo.

Twenty minutes or so had passed since I arrived at the CRANKIE’S. Had intentionally chosen not to bring any company. It was now quarter to nine.

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Cowife – in response to Well, it’s up to you

First of all, I don’t envy you as much
As to wish I’d resemble your youth;
The sun-flower seed doesn’t grow into a baobab tree.
The rantings about your skin and nails

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