Cowife – in response to Well, it’s up to you

First of all, I don’t envy you as much
As to wish I’d resemble your youth;
The sun-flower seed doesn’t grow into a baobab tree.
The rantings about your skin and nails Continue reading “Cowife – in response to Well, it’s up to you”


Instead I stayed [III]

We had to wait a little longer for the bus to fill up before leaving the station. At last! I breathed out a hurrah. I could almost see myself home. And for once there was no ‘javelin crew’ holding on the rails, at least for now. Easy. The misters had so long settled and now people were occupied with their own stuffs. Continue reading “Instead I stayed [III]”

Instead I stayed [I]

Everything about matatus (buses, vans and everything that looks like one) can be fun but not entirely. Talk of the music and I’ll give you an eight, on the radio stations most of you would give me a four – no lie, a sober trusted friend had confessed. On my part I would’ve voted way lower than that perhaps a two.

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