Chicken Wars

Undeniably, chickens — say birds — are fondly creatures. I have made earlier posts about how they can create such beautiful bonds with their keepers. You could argue it is the feeding that gets them closer. Or that it is just in their nature to like people. But something happens around their hatching time that makes them all fiesty. Even the kindest of them all seems to get this deadly wave against everything that ventures into their space, even their kinds. As seen, pets also have this kind of demeanor at birthing; dogs, rabbits, cats, name it. Where their normal habits change. And you could turn out to be a big threat. For the birds, this is mostly evident during feeding — they would want all food to themselves (and the chicks) — and prefer a deadly kind of privacy. Isn’t this a route defense taken too far?

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Hello Kuoobie’s! We made a guest post! At a one super fantastic blog.

Drum rolls please…

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Welcome February

Here we are again. Here down that rosy road that made us go silly every time over everything and nothing in particular.

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